TEDxYouth@Flanders 2013

Our 2013 event took place in the Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool. With a shorter talk program this event focused more on workshops. We still had some great talks and music including:

  • Find your passion by Yori Kamphuis
  • Blowdoh by Julian Vanderborght
  • Music performance by Marie Mignolet

This year had some great workshops including:

  • Cooperative comic book
  • Find your enthusiasm
  • Healthy cooking
  • Robot programming
  • Mobile creativity
  • T-shirt printing

TEDxYouth@Flanders 2012

In 2012, we returned to the Koninklijk Atheneum for the second TEDxYouth@Flanders.  Our event ran in parallel with the adult TEDxFlanders event, so it was a big day.

The event was opened by Guler Turan, the then Minister for Youth. There were three speaker sessions over the course of the day including talks on:

  • Creativity and human power by Colin Angus
  • Apps in a nutshell by Puck Meerburg
  • Art and design by Koen van Mechelen
  • Growing your own clothes by Susanne Lee
  • Land of chocolate by Evert Jan de Kort
  • Pablo de Kever by Evy Raes
  • 3D printing by Ritik Mehta
  • Conquering fear by Mark Sluzny
  • Creating entertainment by Matthew Jessner

We also had lots of workshops including:

  • Scratch programming
  • Duct tape purse
  • Hackable devices
  • Painting with light
  • Sushi party
  • 3D scanning

TEDxYouth@Flanders 2011

Our first TEDxYouth@Flanders event was held on 20 November 2011 in the Koninklijk Atheneum in Antwerp.

Our talks for this event included:

  • 3D printing by Deepak Mehta
  • Making your own fashion by Maité Gonzalez Carillo
  • Scribble School by Nick Payne

TEDxYouthFlanders 2011 3D printer  TEDxYouthFlanders 2011 Maite  TEDxYouthFlanders Nick Payne

Not only did our speakers give a talk, many also gave workshops on their topics. Other workshops included:

  • Lego robotics
  • Wondrous machines
  • Ice cream taste testing
  • Marshmallow challenge

TEDxYouthFlanders 2011 lego robot  TEDxYouthFlanders 2011 MyMachine  TEDxYouth 2011 ice cream tasting